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Ode to Proplyds -or- Demons of the Carina Nebula

Ode to Proplyds | Pseudocolor

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FERMI Sky Map Poster

A space demon is winding across this picture. Horrifying thin fingers glow in a frantic halt. This giant, root-like proplyd structur spans over 50" in the outskirts of the Carina Nebula. Some may refer this greepy appearance to the mythical creature Cthulhu Fhtagn.

Field Map

This map shows the position of field of view. Hubble observed vast areas of the sky toward the constellation Carina and the Carina Nebula. The red rectangle underlines the used image data. North is up. Southwards (not in this image) would be the bright star Eta Carina. Which, in combination with some other extreme open star clusters, influences the shape and formation of proplyds strongly.

Nikolaus Sulzenauer, 2010