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Nikolaus Sulzenauer

Nikolaus Sulzenauer Augen

Latest Projects

"Hubble Unseen" - never seen HST pictures (after 2008)
Ars.Concept - where Science meets Art (after 2008)

Born in 1992 in Vienna, Austria. Lives in Vienna and Stockerau. Attending a academic high school. I am interested in complex systems as well as the esthetics in science - therefore especially astronomy and cyberarts.

All pictures on this website created by Lacertae, aka Nikolaus Sulzenauer, himself are licensed under a Creative Commons-License. Some Rights Reserved.

  • Credits for "Hubble Unseen" Raw Data: Hubble Legacy Archive, NASA/ESA

  • Credits for Singularity-Webpage Background Pictures: NASA/ESA/Hubble
  • Other Image Use: N.A.Sharp, NOAO/NSO/Kitt Peak FTS/AURA/NSF

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